To Deter China's Development by Playing the "Hong Kong card" is Doomed to Failure

From the illegal "occupation" incident in 2014 to the recent violence against the amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance, there were shadows of western forces headed by the United States. From the beginning of the incident, officials from the western countries indiscriminately blamed the Chinese government and intervened in Hong Kong affairs by subsidizing and meeting with the opposition figures of Hong Kong and publicly criticized the Hong Kong SAR government and the Chinese Government.

The Western media echoed their government’s position on Hong Kongand hyped up the issuesthrough selectively reporting. These media distorted the law enforcement actions of the Hong Kong police, touted violent demonstrators and pointed the finger at the Chinese government. It seems that they are anxious to see everything in disorder.

Beyond that, some western powers including some organizations in the United States provided funds, technology and public opinion support for the anti-government and “independence” forces in Hong Kong. According toWen Wei Po, a Hong Kong medium, the US National Endowment for Democracy has funded opposition organizations in Hong Kong through its affiliated National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)since 1995. By the beginning of 2015, the total funding raised exceeded $3.95 million.

In 2012, NDI sponsored the Center for Comparative Law and Public Law(CCPL) of the University of Hong Kong to launch the so-called "Hong Kong people's general election" online platform, which confused the public and stirred up Hong Kong people's emotions on "general election". Dai Yaoting, one of the main leaders of the "Occupy Central" movement, is the deputy director of theCCPL. During the "Occupy Central" period, he had repeatedly colluded with NDI members and other US personnel to encourage the United States to continue its support for the “Occupy Central” campaign andput pressure on the Chinese government by making various accusations.

The diplomatic intelligence of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong disclosed by Wiki Leaks also confirmed that Jimmy Lai, chairman of the Next Digital Ltd, was the "super gold master" of the opposition. Recently, Lai visited the United States and met with US government senior officials. According to US media report, Lai asked the US government to support the Hong Kong people with action as much as possible and requested the US government to express its support to young people in Hong Kong. This demonstrates that certain people and organizations of the United States are the biggest driving force behind the unrest in Hong Kong and the trouble makers in Hong Kong also deems those people and organizations as their biggest patron.

From the historical perspective we can see that since the founding of PRC 70 years ago, certain people of the United States have never given up their attempt to contain China's development and push for "peaceful evolution" against China.

However, the development history of China in the past 70 years manifests that China's development and rise are unstoppable and unblockable by any forces, neither in the past nor in the future.

As far as Hong Kong is concerned, no matter how hard the US anti-China forces try to damage, sabotage or no matter how rampant the handful of Hong Kong violent radicals are, the reality that Hong Kong has returned to the embrace of its motherland and its sovereignty belonging to China will not be changed.Hong Kong has the strong backing from the motherland to withstand any windsor waves and most Hong Kong citizens have a clear understanding of the intentions of the oppositionists and the Western forces.

For the United States, byundermining the stability of Hong Kong and causing trouble to China, it is also harmingitself. If nothing else, the United States has invested tens of billions of dollars in Hong Kong. Should Hong Kong beplunged into chaos, the investment and economic interests of the United States in Hong Kong would certainly be affected. The negative impact could also be felt by other people or countries in the subregion.FromtPage15082019.