Indonesia to build mass grave monument in Palu's devastated village    

PALU, Indonesia, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- The Indonesian government is planning to build a mass grave monument in western Palu's devastated village of Balaroa as chances to retrieve more bodies from muds mixed with debris of houses are running slim. 

The Balaroa village was sucked down into the earth due to liquefaction following the 7.4-magnitude earthquake that hit the Central Sulawesi's provincial capital of Palu on Sept. 28.  The quake has made soil beneath the village liquifying, eventually sucking all houses and buildings above, buring alive the occupants.  Indonesia Coordinating Minister for Political, Security and Legal Affairs Wiranto said that the option to end the search and build a mass grave monument in Balaroa had already been consulted with local government and religious figures.    The Indonesian National Disaster Mitigation Agency has announced that the search and evacuation of bodies would be called off on Thursday, Oct. 11.  "If the search takes too long time, it would be not good for the people there. They might get sick from diseases (generated from the site)," Wiranto said.   

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