EnDev launches renewable energy website

By Abu Bakarr Thaimu Sesay

Energizing Development (EnDev), a project implemented by German development agency, GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on Thursday 13th September, 2018 launched a renewable energy website at the organization’s head office at 32D Wilkinson Road in Freetown. 

The launch attracted a host of stakeholders in the energy sector and also afforded EnDev the opportunity to brief stakeholders in the renewable energy sector about essential information that could be easily found in the website. 

EnDev’s Program Officer, Foday Sheku Dumbuya, said the project is geared towards providing the necessary support towards the renewable energy sector in the country, adding that the event creates an opportunity for partners to network and also familiarize with one another. 
He said the renewable energy website, http://www.renewables-salone.info, provides essential data crucial for the development of the sector and also contacts of stakeholders.

‘’Our motive for creating and launching this website is to provide a platform where all players in the renewable energy sector can access information about progress and activities of the sector across the country. We have tried our level best to put every bit of information we could lay hands on in this website, including installed off grid energy capacity, contacts of relevant stakeholders  and organizations in the renewable sector, and renewable energy programs and projects in the country’’ he said. 
Dumbuya stated that they have observed recently that there are lots of uncoordinated activities among stakeholders in the sector, adding that stakeholdersare unaware of the activities of other actors. ‘’We have therefore introduced the ‘’Renewables Sierra Leone’’ website to solve this and many other data or information problems. 

‘’We have created an avenue in which companies and organizations in the sector can upload information about their activities for the consumption of interested members of the public. The project is determined to see the growth of the renewable energy sector in the country. We collect and upload data on renewable energy installations and share this data with the ministry of energy. We also offer trainings to students and stakeholders within the sector’’ he stated.

He concluded by calling on all players in the renewable energy sector to make use of the website and share information with one another. “It is only when we have data and information available we can lure investors and businesses to Sierra Leone and by extension provide our people with access to modern energy services” he said.  

Maddieu  Jalloh, representing the Ministry of Energy, said they were elated with the initiative of EnDev to create a website that will bring all players in the renewable energy sector together to foster the development of not only the sector, but Sierra Leone as a whole. He stated that the ministry is committed to supporting individuals that may want to invest in the sector. He called on investors both local and foreign to come onboard and help boost the sector to a higher height. 

Several participants drawn from the public and private sectors included: The Government Technical Institute, Sunlabob, UNOPS, JSI, Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA), AGES, energenWAO, World Hope International among others. They expressed their gratitude for such a laudable and historic venture by EnDev, and they hoped this initiative would be welcomed by all players within the sector for the betterment of all. 

Energizing Development (EnDev) is an energy-access partnership currently financed by six donor countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Sweden. EnDev promotes sustainable access to modern energy services that meet the needs of the poor. It is long-lasting, affordable, and appreciated by users. EnDev works in 26 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Since 2005, it has taken a leading role in promoting access to sustainable energy for all. 
The Deutsche Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) cooperates closely with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) on the global programme level.

Participants at the Website Launch and Networking Event

A Cross Section of the Participants