Philanthropist honours Emergency Hospital

By Alpheus Rogers

It takes a man of a heart of gold who does not have much to be rendering financial assistance to a public organization so as to advance the cause of humanity. This was the case of Alhaji Ibrahim Tholley, who donated a cheque of Le10,000, 0000 (ten million Leones) to the Emergency Hospital at Goderich during his 71st birthday celebration at his Lower Pipeline residence, off Wilkinson Road in Freetown, on Sunday, 14th March, 2020.

Alhaji Tholley, who is known to have been giving scholarships to students and pupils in the country, made this donation to this specialist hospital as an appreciation of the care and attention shown to him during the time of his admission there after a terrible accident along Wilkinson Road in December three years ago that left him with a broken leg.

‘’I thought I was going to die’’, he said this during the celebration in the presence of some dignitaries, including Mr. Allieu Sesay, former Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), and Ambassador Amadu Wurie, former Director-General and Ambassador-at-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Dr. Alhassan Mansaray, Director of Fiscal Risk, Ministry of Finance.  

Tholley, who was much elated during the ceremony, thanked the Almighty God for saving his life. He also thanked the staff of Emergency for the proper attention given to him at the hospital during his admission. He called on government to give support to the healthcare delivery system in the country.

Mr. Sesay, formerly of NRA, called on government to invest more in the health of the people than in education. He stated that the health sector in the country must take the lead in terms of resource allocation.

He furthered that government should institute a health trust fund as this will contribute to effective health care delivery in the country. He added that capacity building in the health sector was imperative, and that scholarships should be made available to those who wish to study medicine and other related disciplines. He advised that the welfare of the nation’s health care workers must be high on the agenda of government if only Sierra Leone is to have a resilient and effective health care system.

While receiving the cheque, Daniela Porcu, administrator at Emergency, thanked Mr. Thorlie for the kind gesture. She described Tholley as a man with a big heart. She implored other individuals to help in supporting this surgical and paediatric centre, which depends purely on charity.

In a letter of appreciation sent to Mr. Ibrahim Tholley dated march 16 this year, it reads: ‘’We were honoured to receive your support as proof of solidarity and appreciation about our work in this country.’’

Recently, Mr. Tholley also donated the sum of fifteen million Leones (Le15,000,000) to the hospital.

Emergency which has treated more than 820,000 Sierra Leoneans free of charge has been working in this country since 2001. Alhaji Ibrahim Tholley and Wife during his 71st birthday celebration at Lower Pipeline, Wilkinson Road, Freetown.The FrontPage19032020.