Cricket Association Updates President Bio

The Sierra Leone Cricket Association, SLCA, has called at State House to update President Julius Maada Bio on their recent achievements and present awards from the 2019 ICC Women's World Cup qualifier on 29th May 2019.
Chairman Board of Directors, SLCA, Beresford Burnes Coker, said they were pleased to meet the President as an association for the first time since his election last year.

He said cricket might not be the most popular sport in the country, but it had proven to be among the most successful sporting disciplines because of the numerous achievements of the association abroad. 

He disclosed that the discipline had done quite a lot and for which the country was ranked second in Africa and thirty out of one hundred and five nations around the world, with the only female coach in Africa.

He said cricket was not only a sport but also a social tool that helps in the development of society.

He added that they were putting measures in place to ensure that the game was played around the country, especially in schools.

“We are, however, challenged by the absence of a standard pitch to practice the game and we want Government to consider helping with that. Over the years, we have also been challenged with funding major international competitions, so we want to plead with the Government to support future competitions. Our country has a lot of young talents with the potential to bring more glories to the country,” he assured.
Minister of Sports, Ibrahim Nyelenkeh, who was also part of the meeting, said: “We are here to present the Cricket Association to the President, as a sign of appreciation for your support to the growth of the discipline in the country.”

In his response, President Bio expressed thanks to the visiting team for their good work and for updating him on their activities.

He said the country was making great progress in Cricket competitions abroad, noting that it was his responsibility to promote all the sporting disciplines in the country.

He also said that his Government would look into the concerns of the Association and promised to invest in the discipline because of its impressive achievements.

He assured that in the interim his Government would try to improve the conditions of the existing cricket training ground in Freetown. FrontPage31052019.